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RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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  2. Official Template for the Support Team Application on RuneGuild If you would like to apply to be a member of our Support Team, feel free to create a thread under this section using the below application template. Please take a moment to read the minimum requirements before you apply. Before you apply, let it be known that being Staff on here is a very important role that comes with certain expectations and tasks. We do our best to promote the people who truly have shown their loyalty to this server and their willingness to improve it while we continue to push it to the next level. ------------------------- - Requirements - ------------------------- 1. Must have been an active member on RuneGuild for over a week. 2. Have good community standing and no strikes. 3. Be willing to make a difference in the server and take it on as your own. 4. Must be willing to read and follow the Staff Rules assigned to you. ------------------------- - Template - ------------------------- Username: Age: Timezone: Where are you from? How long have you been a part of RuneGuild? How many hours do you spend online daily? Are you active both in-game and on our forums? Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? How would you describe your strengths? How would you describe your weaknesses? Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have or had: Why should we choose you over another member’s application? In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position and what you hope to achieve: Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? ------------------------- - Status: Open - -------------------------
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  4. D3 x


    - Updated imp caskets - Fixed commands - added stats to arclight - arclight bonus damage to demons - removed volatile/eldritch nightmare spec to avoid people spec hacking it - slight max hit buff on volatile/eldritch nightmare staff to replace no spec - harmonised staff stats fixed/1 tick faster
  5. D3 x


    - Slayer helmet (I) version should now be able to change colours - Fixed owner/admin colour so hurts eyes less - Fixed chickens in lumbridge - Spirit tree has been fixed - Added Mithril Dragons - Konar now gives mith drag tasks - Addy drag now drops 2 bars - Lowered the amount of monsters you get per task - Revenant Dragon added - Add teleport to ancient cavern - RuneGuild Crystal given stats - Fixed Wyrm not registering for slayer - Fixed Hydra, drake, wyrm bones not noting - Broken daily tasks should be fixed
  6. D3 x


    - Updated top voter rewards - Justiciar hand costs less - Chambers of xeric is now tekton n olm only for now - Fixed tekton magic attack - Removed pointless stuff from raids like points and interface - Olm now has another attack - Added clues back to huge caskets
  7. D3 x


    - Mage arena shop now only accepts old coins - Old coins are now dropped by Battle Mages - Replaced the x3 wildy event with a Wildy artifact event - Lottery tickets are now 750k each - Olm Buffed - Raids altered to try fix crashing - Kree should be good - Added neive to gnome stronghold - Added a npc at gambling that bans you in case you need a break - The trapdoor for the boss room on monkey madness now leads to a monkey nuts bush if you have completed monkey madness. - Fixed the entrance to ape atoll - Dwarven rock cake added to konar shop - Added bird snares/nets/imp jars/box traps to ironman store - Anti-fire Potion timer fixed - Another change to raids to try fix room kicking - Wildy event should be fixed - Farming Herb yield increased
  8. Teleport Draynor and go to the Window near aggies house in draynor square http://prntscr.com/tc3k1f http://prntscr.com/tc3kez
  9. Outside of Port Phasmaty Gate N-E off gate http://prntscr.com/tc3hnu http://prntscr.com/tc3jra
  10. Hey all going to start this clue scroll guide on where to dig, always remember your spade 😄 if anyone would like to add screenshot the clue and then the dig spot and post in replys Dig Near Church S-W of Port Sarim http://prntscr.com/tc3hdb http://prntscr.com/tc3hnu
  11. Smidge


    We have our winner! : https://gyazo.com/e4f7f9758ed698ede8c42c3caae2e4ec
  12. I decided to do 300 KBD kills with a normal ROW and with an imbued ROW. here are the results The first picture is with a normal ROW. The second is the imbued ROW. The third is total. I didn't bother collecting the useless items and i alched D'hides and rune items
  13. Necklace of anguish - Necklace of anguish (OR) 1 in 5 Abyssal Whip - Abyssal tentacle 1 in 4 Ring of suffering - Ring of suffering (ri) 1 in 5 Amulet of torture - Amulet of torture (or) 1 in 6 Amulet of fury - Amulet of fury (or) 1 in 5 Armadyl godsword - Armadyl godsword (or) 1 in 7 Bandos godsword - Bandos godsword (or) 1 in 7 Saradomin godsword - Saradomin godsword (or) 1 in 7 Zamorak godsword - Zamorak godsword (or) 1 in 7 Ring of the gods - Ring of the gods (i) 1 in 8 Ring of the gods (i) - RuneGuild Crystal 1 in 10 Seers ring - Seers ring (i) 1 in 4 Archers ring - Archers ring (i) 1 in 4 Warrior ring - Warrior ring (i) 1 in 4 Berserker ring - Berserker ring (i) 1 in 4 Tyrannical ring - Tyrannical ring (i) 1 in 5 Treasonous ring - Treasonous ring (i) 1 in 5 Dragon scimitar - Dragon scimitar (or) 1 in 3
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  15. D3 x


    - Fixed discord link in quest panel - Cooks assistant required items added as drops - You now have access to draynor manor - You now have access to karamja volcano - Add ironman armour to ironman shop - Added Justiciar hand to battle mage drop table - Fixed fishing at dzone not letting you fish more than 2 invs - Clue caskets added to skilling shop - Fixed green dragon tasks not working for all the different variants - Fishing donator will work for normal donors on donator island - Chaotic crossbow now works and has stats - Chaotic staff now has stats - Looting bags removed from most shops - Fixed the multi welcome messages - Increased amount of monsters you have to kill on task - Dark claw and skotizo pet added to skotizo drops - Stronghold Slayer cave has been added - Added teleport to Prifddinas and fixed agility tp crash - Added teleport to Stronghold - Kraken should count every time now as task - Items dropped shown for yourself timer changed to 5 min - Items dropped shown for all for 10 min - Callisto should hit you from further away - Crystal shield now goes to the right slot - Added Ankou and Aberrant spectre into game - The donator cave at donator island now works - Donator island boss exit fixed
  16. Sunter


    Sunter Thanks for this, btw!
  17. Welcome great to have you and cant wait to see you around.
  18. well hello there! would love to hear your british accent 😛 I myself got a Spanish mixed accent so if we ever voice expect to laugh! Wish you the best of luck as being a father will definitely be a tough task the first few months but nothing beats the enjoyment of playing with them in the future.
  19. Hello everyone, my name is George and ingame name is trinityking or geoatlas. I'm a 24 year old since May 16th 🙂 I like to speak my voice about the game state and as an ironman I'm able to test pretty much all the content the game offers from skills to bosses. I used to have a heavy addiction in gambling too so making an iron I feel liberated from that dark side of the game. I'm the proud founder of "Ironman clan" with the support of my co-owner "Respect" whose been helping me out to make it a reality. My outside hobbies are playing basketball with friends and work on the community discord to make the biggest community based server on all Runescape. Best part of my job is how often I get to sign up girls to join 😉. anyways I'm half American and Cuban so yes I have an accent! Hope to see you all around the game.
  20. If anyone on this server is a long time consumer of energy drinks or needs a little more energy during the day, there is an amazing product called Sneak energy which is all of the energy, none of the crap. https://sneakenergy.com/pages/referral?code=zBcRgW ^ my referral link will get you 5 free sachets when you buy specific shaker (cheapest deal on the website) (£7/$10)
  21. Ign: merkavar gl everyone!
  22. Here are the first to max rewards for both normal and extreme modes, Good luck!
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