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RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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  1. D3 x


    - Updated imp caskets - Fixed commands - added stats to arclight - arclight bonus damage to demons - removed volatile/eldritch nightmare spec to avoid people spec hacking it - slight max hit buff on volatile/eldritch nightmare staff to replace no spec - harmonised staff stats fixed/1 tick faster
  2. D3 x


    - Slayer helmet (I) version should now be able to change colours - Fixed owner/admin colour so hurts eyes less - Fixed chickens in lumbridge - Spirit tree has been fixed - Added Mithril Dragons - Konar now gives mith drag tasks - Addy drag now drops 2 bars - Lowered the amount of monsters you get per task - Revenant Dragon added - Add teleport to ancient cavern - RuneGuild Crystal given stats - Fixed Wyrm not registering for slayer - Fixed Hydra, drake, wyrm bones not noting - Broken daily tasks should be fixed
  3. D3 x


    - Updated top voter rewards - Justiciar hand costs less - Chambers of xeric is now tekton n olm only for now - Fixed tekton magic attack - Removed pointless stuff from raids like points and interface - Olm now has another attack - Added clues back to huge caskets
  4. D3 x


    - Mage arena shop now only accepts old coins - Old coins are now dropped by Battle Mages - Replaced the x3 wildy event with a Wildy artifact event - Lottery tickets are now 750k each - Olm Buffed - Raids altered to try fix crashing - Kree should be good - Added neive to gnome stronghold - Added a npc at gambling that bans you in case you need a break - The trapdoor for the boss room on monkey madness now leads to a monkey nuts bush if you have completed monkey madness. - Fixed the entrance to ape atoll - Dwarven rock cake added to konar shop - Added bird snares/nets/imp jars/box traps to ironman store - Anti-fire Potion timer fixed - Another change to raids to try fix room kicking - Wildy event should be fixed - Farming Herb yield increased
  5. D3 x


    - Fixed discord link in quest panel - Cooks assistant required items added as drops - You now have access to draynor manor - You now have access to karamja volcano - Add ironman armour to ironman shop - Added Justiciar hand to battle mage drop table - Fixed fishing at dzone not letting you fish more than 2 invs - Clue caskets added to skilling shop - Fixed green dragon tasks not working for all the different variants - Fishing donator will work for normal donors on donator island - Chaotic crossbow now works and has stats - Chaotic staff now has stats - Looting bags removed from most shops - Fixed the multi welcome messages - Increased amount of monsters you have to kill on task - Dark claw and skotizo pet added to skotizo drops - Stronghold Slayer cave has been added - Added teleport to Prifddinas and fixed agility tp crash - Added teleport to Stronghold - Kraken should count every time now as task - Items dropped shown for yourself timer changed to 5 min - Items dropped shown for all for 10 min - Callisto should hit you from further away - Crystal shield now goes to the right slot - Added Ankou and Aberrant spectre into game - The donator cave at donator island now works - Donator island boss exit fixed
  6. If anyone on this server is a long time consumer of energy drinks or needs a little more energy during the day, there is an amazing product called Sneak energy which is all of the energy, none of the crap. https://sneakenergy.com/pages/referral?code=zBcRgW ^ my referral link will get you 5 free sachets when you buy specific shaker (cheapest deal on the website) (£7/$10)
  7. D3 x


    - Fixed the duel arena non obstacle start teleport - Pk accounts can no longer stake in duels - Pk accounts can no longer trade there preset items - Pk accounts no longer drop there preset items on death - Pk accounts can no longer drop preset items - Pk accounts can no longer attack npcs - Normal players can now sell pvp preset items - Green dragon task removed from normal task as its a wildy task - Updated raids chest drop table, added twisted armour as rare drops and moved a couple of areas down - Anti-fire potions added to supply shop. - Deadman key event has a longer timer - Morrigans added to revenant ork, dark beast and hell hound - Added more fishing spots to fishing guild - Vorkath/Drake dhcbow/lance will work now - Added drops to Bronze dragons - RuneGuild crystal is now untradeable so keeps on death - Rangers outfit added to Giant Mole as drops - Ironmen can no longer access the other skilling store - Increased the farming XP given - Items after death now appear for only yourself after 10 minutes instead of 60 seconds. - Items after death now appear for everyone after 20 minutes instead of 120 seconds. - Crystal keys no longer announce - Void in slayer shop is now cheaper - Slayer reset cost is now 200k
  8. D3 x


    - Stopped slayer from automatically assigning a task after finishing one - 72 New trivia questions added - Fishing, Woodcutting and the Agility at donator island can now be used by regular donators. - Beret mask in fashion store replaced - Lava dragons now attack if far away - Head mod login message fixed - Daily tasks should now drop the reward if your inventory is full - Removed the 'has joined channel' message - Changed a bunch of announcements - Added more things to trivia shop - Added a bunch of sand crabs to dzone - Kraken now has a slayer requirement to kill - Droprate of Arma/Bandos armour lowered - Dh crossbow and lance now do extra damage against vorkath and drakes - RuneGuild guard added to home, you can pickpocket him for cash and he gives tips.
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