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RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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  1. well hello there! would love to hear your british accent 😛 I myself got a Spanish mixed accent so if we ever voice expect to laugh! Wish you the best of luck as being a father will definitely be a tough task the first few months but nothing beats the enjoyment of playing with them in the future.
  2. Hello everyone, my name is George and ingame name is trinityking or geoatlas. I'm a 24 year old since May 16th 🙂 I like to speak my voice about the game state and as an ironman I'm able to test pretty much all the content the game offers from skills to bosses. I used to have a heavy addiction in gambling too so making an iron I feel liberated from that dark side of the game. I'm the proud founder of "Ironman clan" with the support of my co-owner "Respect" whose been helping me out to make it a reality. My outside hobbies are playing basketball with friends and work on the community discord to make the biggest community based server on all Runescape. Best part of my job is how often I get to sign up girls to join 😉. anyways I'm half American and Cuban so yes I have an accent! Hope to see you all around the game.
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