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Welcome to RuneGuild Forums
Please feel free to post guides and make use of the forums.
About RuneGuild
RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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Staff applications are currently open.

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Recommended Posts

- Fixed the duel arena non obstacle start teleport
- Pk accounts can no longer stake in duels
- Pk accounts can no longer trade there preset items
- Pk accounts no longer drop there preset items on death
- Pk accounts can no longer drop preset items
- Pk accounts can no longer attack npcs
- Normal players can now sell pvp preset items
- Green dragon task removed from normal task as its a wildy task
- Updated raids chest drop table, added twisted armour as rare drops and moved a couple of areas down
- Anti-fire potions added to supply shop.
- Deadman key event has a longer timer
- Morrigans added to revenant ork, dark beast and hell hound
- Added more fishing spots to fishing guild
- Vorkath/Drake dhcbow/lance will work now
- Added drops to Bronze dragons
- RuneGuild crystal is now untradeable so keeps on death
- Rangers outfit added to Giant Mole as drops
- Ironmen can no longer access the other skilling store
- Increased the farming XP given
- Items after death now appear for only yourself after 10 minutes instead of 60 seconds.
- Items after death now appear for everyone after 20 minutes instead of 120 seconds.
- Crystal keys no longer announce
- Void in slayer shop is now cheaper
- Slayer reset cost is now 200k

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