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RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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Greetings from the creator

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I am Smidge.

I am 24 years old and live in England.

I have been running RSPS for around 2 years now and i am still really enjoying it. I did run a server back in the day around 10 years ago on here though and between them ran several different servers on different games such as Minecraft, Garrysmod, Arma (Dayz), Rust.

I live with my girlfriend who i am expecting our first child with in november which is spooky.  I own 9 ferrets (3 Adults and 6 Kits currently) as the 6 kits are 4 weeks old.

I work in a bar and brewery and love making servers as my hobbie as i love you guys enjoying the content and community i have created.

Thanks for reading and enjoy RuneGuild. 🙂

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hi smudge 😄

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well hello there! would love to hear your british accent 😛 I myself got a Spanish mixed accent so if we ever voice expect to laugh! Wish you the best of luck as being a father will definitely be a tough task the first few months but nothing beats the enjoyment of playing with them in the future.



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