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My apology?

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Here's my apology. Read it well all of you.

 Shadowryder? Go fuck yourself. You wanted my items both on here and on OSRS....thats it, so thanks for using me. Let's expose your shitty ass. You're planning on quitting and going back to stream OSRS the SECOND you get your winnings...because you agree with me that the owner isnt fixing shit....the staff is inactive as fuck, and the playerbase is being threatened by toxic fucks who they let run a muck. What a great person you are, to use me and then throw me away the second I'm no longer "of use".

Smidge added me back on discord to tell me that I could reapply on the forums. You're all a bunch of fucks, and I'd rather shit down my own throat than be a part of that corruption. Let's see why.

Why does the owner have to give OSRS gp to get people to play? Because everything else is shit. Your head admin Jord would rather take people away from the server to play Modern Warfare than see it grow. Your now head mod D3 x? Has had more issues than anything....and is barely active. He can sure as fuck tell you every other game he plays instead though....so yeah great choice for head mod?  Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jord and D3 x decided to give me shit for muting a guy for being toxic....just because he was their friend on Modern Warfare? Guess a great staff team is one that let's their friends get away with breaking rules. Good shout, great promotion.


So many people wouldn't even have come without the promise of a reward they can use on a different game. They didnt even plan on staying...just take the reward and bounce like Shadow.

Is that because of me? Nope. I encouraged raids masses and PvM Bingo. Who's gonna keep that going? None of you fucks, because none of you care.  I would say I hope someday it will change...but for those of you who don't know...there has been an average of like 3-4 ACTIVE players not including myself...for many many many months...and the reason that went up is because of players like me who encourage activity. Welp, that's all going away because the staff team decides they want to keep their corrupt friends around rather than doing the right thing. Oh, and for people like Uwu? Sorry but James gets to run a muck. He gets to make you feel uncomfortable by asking for nudes among many other toxic things and get away with it because he's cool with head staff.

This server had potential, and shit I even saw it grow...but when now 100% of your staff will be afk most of the time, or far more concerned with other games? It's going right back into the consistent 3 player shithole it was before I showed up. If any one who isn't staff wants to dispute this...just give it time and you'll see. Div, you're a beast, I appreciate you. Shadow, your a piece of shit. Giro Fallen and Hrothgard let's play a different server together...because FUCK RUNEGUILD. K thanks bye.

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This thread will be deleted because it exposes them.

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Well, let's get something right. This post is not going to be deleted because people can now see how salty and immature you are.

For a start, the money for OSRS is money that people have donated to the server via OSRS so we're giving it back to the community as an incentive for grinding the game as its only valid of EXTREME mode. 

Now let's talk about me for a second, yes I play Modern Warfare, I'm an admin, I'm not taking players away from RuneGuild as all of the players who join me and @D3 x afk grind the game so your point is in-valid. We're a happy community which like to communicate through other ways.

As for @D3 x - he plays daily but he handles 80% of the stuff in-game by asking for assistance through me - the difference between you and @D3 x is he is mature enough to realise when he has done wrong and improves, you just let power go to your head. 

As for me over ruling your decision on a mute, I manually went through the logs myself and you caused him to become more salty and caused drama. Your fault yet again.

This server just still has potential, its still growing on the daily. We're planning on hosting events. 


Now you're just being salty because we didn't put up with your actions of banning people who disagreed with you, it was a temporary demotion until you stopped letting power go to your head then you started going off on a tantrum and then quit. We never banned you at first, we just demoted you and tried to give you another chance (after about 5 chances.)

Wish you all the best,

Jord & RuneGuild Staff Team❤️ 


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