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DeadMan Chest Rewards

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Get key from killing world bosses, also get deadman points.



Rune full helm
rune sq shield
rune legs
rune kite
rune dagger
rune pick
nezzy helm
rune 2h
rune boots
mystic hat
mystic top
mystic bottoms

dragon med
granite maul
dragon scim
medium xp lamp

dragon boots
large xp lamp

Very Rare

spirit shield
top hat
Royal top
Royal bottoms
drag full helm kit
drag chain kit
drag skirt/legs kit
drag sq kit
drag scim kit
drag defender kiT
volcanic whip mix
volcanic whip mix
huge xp lamp
seers ring
archers ring
warriors ring
berserker ring
Dragon axe

RuneGuild crystal
Justiciars hand
seers ring i
archer ring i
warriors ring i
berserker ring i
granite maul (or)
blessed spirit shield
dragon claws
Morrigan's leather body
Morrigan's leather chaps
Morrigan's coif
Statius's full helm
Statius's platebody
Statius's platelegs
Vesta's chainbody
Vesta's plateskirt
Elder maul
Primordial boots
Infernal axe
Infernal pickaxe
Ancestral robe bottom
 Dinh's bulwark
 Avernic defender.
 Eternal boots.
Pegasian boots
 Deadman's chest
 Deadman's legs
 Deadman's cape

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Hey howdog,

Appreciate the post about what the drop rates are and the loot available. However, I have done about 30 or so chests and it seems as though the spirit shield is a super common loot (as I have roughly 20) and blessed spirit shields a little less common as I have looted about 7-8 of them. I am thinking perhaps there is something wrong with the drop table; almost convinced that it only gives spirit shields and maybe a royal piece but that seems to be rare.

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Just realized this is deadman chest and not the bloodkey. Disregard my comment on the deadman chest but the comments stand for the blood key chest. 😃


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If I get one more orn kit ima cry. But thank you for this brother.

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