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Welcome to RuneGuild Forums
Please feel free to post guides and make use of the forums.
About RuneGuild
RuneGuild is a community driven server which was released on the 26th of June 2020.
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Staff applications are currently closed.

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Recommended Posts

- Tournaments rune pouches fixed
- Fixed slayer tasks not working
- Tournaments logout has been fixed and Auto Tourneys enabled again
- Donator drop rates have been changed ::perks
- RuneGuild Crystal and Ring of Wealth (I) now give 6% droprate.
- Defence and health changed on Hydra
- Fixed Nightmare giving bones when u die 
- Both normal accounts and pk accounts now share the same pk shop
- Added chaos runes to ironman shop
- Imp jars are now noted in the skilling shop
- Made cooking karambwans for normal donors instead of extreme
- Removed coin restrictions from Duel arena
- Dying at duel arena now teleports you to the right spot
- Added clue casket 2nd and 3rd release to normal slayer shop
- Added tektiny pet to raids rewards and gave him dialogues
- Chaotic rapier is now a much rarer drop at kbd
- Removed Abbysal sceptres n ankou from konar kept them in normal slayer
- Increased tournament reward amount
- Should have fixed the Event crashing
- Lowered the bank timer for crafting runes
- Can now use magic fang on trident of seas to create trident of the swamp
- Can now a chisel on Tanzanite fang to create a Toxic Blowpipe
- Ironmen now get 50% of what normal accounts get at tournaments instead of 10%
- Tournament should now remove red skulls
- Potential wildy deadman event crash fix

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