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05-10-2020, 10:26 AM,
Post: #1
- Increased amount of cannon balls in donator shop
- K'ril nerfed
- King kurask nerfed
- Fixed some dragon items on Magic well
- Ecumenical key added (dropped by spiritual creatures and crystal chest)
- Some runecrafting XP changes
- Devout boots removed from vorkath
- Drops added to drake (Including drake tooth/claw)
- Drops added to Wyrm
- Paramaya ticket removed from zulrah
- Translation manual removed from barrelchesty
- Added Wildywyrm pet to wildywyrm.
- Nazastarool/hydra/wyrm added to kuradel & Konar slayer tasks
- Drake claw and boots of stone can now be combined to make the boots of brimstone
- Drakes Tooth and holy sandles can now be combined to make devout boots
- Added ::prices and ::pricelist commands which link to the pricelist on forums.
- Drygores now announce
- Added holy sandles to crystal chest/clue scroll rewards
- Added Wildy armour (vesta etc) to magic well to upgrade to Corrupt wildy armour which doesn't degrade. 1/100 Chance
- Mystical Spirit Shield now has Melee bonuses and can now be obtained by upgrading Elysian spirit shield on the Magic well 1/10 chance
- Demonic Spirit shield now has Magic bonuses and can now be obtained by upgrading Arcane spirit shield on the magic well 1/10 chance
- Extreme/Overload potions can now be made with (4) Super potions.
- Dragon kiteshield/Dragonfire ward buffed
- Drake/Wyrm drops fixed
- Drake & Nazastarool are now aggressive.
- Tekton and Warmonger are now safe deaths.
- Tarn is now weaker
- Added Slayer level requirement to Kraken, Draconic wyrm, Drake, Therm Smoke Devil, and Hydra
- Added City Teleport tablets to magic store and ironman store.
- Dragon Hunter lance speed increased by 1 tick
All Hail the Lemonlord

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